TinkerTown: Leaving something to be Desired

I really wanted to like this one. You can get TinkerTown on Steam for $16.99.

TinkerTown is not a bad Game

Before I dive into TinkerTown, I want to be clear: This game is not bad; I just found it incredibly dull. I went in with no expectations and somehow was still disappointed by various aspects of the game. From the game’s pace to the building, and finally, the one NPC I met, TinkerTown got boring exceptionally quick. 

If these kinds of games are your thing, I recommend this game to anyone with friends to play with. Just be aware that there isn’t a story, and some parts of the exploration will feel like a slog. 

This is what crafting looks like in TinkerTown.

TinkerTown is Slow

TinkerTown feels like a slog to play. The movement speed felt like the developer had cut it in half, and the gathering felt like it was taken forever. A big problem I had with the game’s speed was the combat. It becomes a slow dance to see who takes the most damage first.

The building does not Matter? 

When a game has a base-building component, I have to try it right away. I have hours in Minecraft trying to build locations. In TinkerTown, it feels like building amounts to nothing. You will have to have a good imagination to get the structure to look just the way you want it. 

I wanted to like TinkerTown 

I went in with no expectations and came out bored and disappointed. When writing this review, the game is in early access. I feel like it needs a lot more time in development.

The scope of the game felt confusing to me. Many of the games with mechanics like TinkerTown pack a punch in other areas. TinkerTown feels like it tried to borrow from the best games in the genre and missed the mark completely. 

I only played TinkerTown for a short time. I may revisit it in the future. In its current state, TinkerTown does not do it for me.